Paul-Henry Nargeolet

Paul-Henry NargeoletPaul-Henry Nargeolet
Director of Underwater Research, RMS Titanic
Expedition Leader, Expedition Titanic

Leading the current expedition, having led five previous expeditions to the Titanic wreck site, and completing 30 submersible dives, PH Nargeolet brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to Expedition Titanic. A retired commander in the French Navy, he has been a submersible pilot for many years.

During his prior research, Nargeolet supervised the recovery of over 5,000 artifacts, including a 20 ton section of Titanic’s hull. Additionally, Nargeolet led the research and recovery expedition of the SS Carpathia, the ship famous for saving the Titanic survivors in 1912.

Most recently, Nargeolet led an expedition in the Atlantic to search for the wreck and black boxes of Air France flight 447, which crashed en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro.