Andy Sherrell

Andy Sherrell
Chief Analyst

Sherrell Offshore Services (S.O.S.)
Harbour Beach, FL

Waitt Expeditions
CATALYST 1 (Lead Sonar Analyst)
CATALYST 2 (Lead Sonar Analyst)
Expedition Titanic

Andy Sherrell received his B.S. degree in Ocean Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology and has over 15 years of experience in the oceanographic community. As a former employee of Oceaneering International, Inc., he has worked on numerous deep-sea search and salvage operations to depths of 20,000ft. His experience includes locating and recovering downed aircraft and various other lost items for both the commercial and military industries. Andy’s work has included being first on scene to begin searching for an airplane’s ‘black box’ to working with film crews to find and document historic shipwrecks. He enjoys working as a mission planner, operator, technician, and engineer throughout all phases of these exciting operations.

From Andy
I truly enjoy being part of these deep sea explorations. The team camaraderie that develops, the great office view, and the sense of adventure that comes along with each new expedition create an exciting atmosphere.