Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust – Transparency Policy Statement




The Waitt Institute & Waitt Foundation pledge to ensure that 100 percent of all contributions to the Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust Fund will be used only on expenses related to supporting the recovery of Barbuda and the Barbudan people.  We will take several steps to ensure that both donors’ intentions and the organization’s use of contributions are clear.

What Donations May be Used For
Donations will be used only for costs directly related to emergency response activities; including those related to purchasing, storing, transporting, and distributing essential goods and materials to Barbudans, and related travel for emergency relief-assistance personnel.

The Fund will distribute funds to organizations that are delivering the following types of programs and/or services:

-Emergency shelter/housing, food, clothing, and supplies


-Daily living expenses

-Community clean up

-Restoration and recovery of community services

-Restoration and recovery of educational and training programs for adults and children

-Sustainable construction; particularly of the energy, water, and waste grids

No Contribution Funds are Used for Administrative Expenses
100% of the Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust Fund’s administrative expenses have been waived by the International Community Foundation (ICF), and Waitt Team expenses are covered by the Waitt Foundation and Waitt Institute. This means that no portion of any donation will be used for administrative overhead.

Government & Community Coordination
The Waitt Institute seeks to coordinate the Trust Fund’s activities with the Government of Antigua & Barbuda (GOAB), the Barbuda Council, Barbudan Community leaders, and international NGOs as well as bi-lateral and multi-lateral aid agencies.  The Fund pledges transparency between and among all parties.

Advisory Board
COMING SOON – The Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust Fund will assemble and informal advisory board to guide expenditures.  Ideally this board will consist of appropriate GOAB officials, the Chair of the Barbuda Council, the Minister for Barbuda Affairs, community members, the Waitt Institute, and other interested parties with insight and expertise to this highly specific humanitarian crisis for the Barbudan people.

Detailed Accounting for the Barbuda Fund
All expenditures related to the Barbuda Relief Efforts will be recorded for both internal management and external reporting purposes. The Waitt Institute & Waitt Foundation will regularly share current information on the websites and Facebook pages as events unfold regarding programmatic activities and expenditures.

The Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust Fund is administered by the International Community Foundation (ICF), an international nonprofit organization with over 25 years of experience in managing and distributing donor funds with the highest level of transparency and accountability. Each year, ICF is audited by an accredited CPA firm to ensure strict compliance with all government regulations regarding international grant-making and standard accounting practices.